Last week I had the pleasure of attempting to help Thinh Nguyen with the install of this show he curated. ( I say “attempting” because I got there later than intended and had to leave after too short of a time, so I didn’t do much.)  It was fun to hang out with some artist friends I hadn’t seen in awhile, and to get my hands dirty in a gallery again.  My reason for writing this today is because the opening is tonight and I want to encourage everyone to attend.  I’m sure it will be a good time, but it is also an opportunity to enjoy a well put together show.  Though the show was not completely installed when I left , what I saw was worth the trip out tonight. While  a lot of group shows scream for attention this one understands the power of a whisper.  The work is thoughtful and intelligent with splashes of wit and bravado.  Go, socialize, but take the time to see the art.  Congrats to Thinh and all the talented artists who participated!   Ann 33 Gallery, 170 South La Brea

Also tonight, I plan to go see Karen Chu’s show Lost and Found at L2Kontemporary in Chinatown.  I’m very eager to see her new work and looking forward to catching up with Karen, too.    L2Kontemporary, 990 North Hill

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